Stock Controller PRO

Cloud-based inventory management platform

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Easy Customization
Lots of customizations, including warehouse access per user
Super Fast
Up to 50% faster than other Stock Controller versions.
Cloud based
No need to worry about losing your data, we'll protect it for you.
Invoice payments
Manage the payment of your invoices using the 'Payments' module.
Bill of Materials
Manage your production by creating a product based on raw materials.
Batch management
Manage your products by batch.

Easy analysis

Using the 'Product analysis' you can get a clear idea on each product and prediction on the time to run out of stock.

Inventory Check-Up

Need to do a stock-take? You have a inventory check-up page to quickly match the physical inventory with the platform.


Expiration analysis

No more money thrown away! Simply check the product expiration analysis to get the products or batches that are expiring.

Product timeline

Quickly have information about products and batches... ideal for traceability!


Payments analysis

Need to control debits and credits? Do it in an easy way with Stock Controller PRO payment analysis.

Alert system
Our new alert system will always watch things for you and send word when you're running low on items.
Manage orders
With the new Orders module you can generate new orders and quickly add the items to your inventory when your order arrive.
Barcode Scanner ready
Use the built-in barcode scanner pages to quickly add or remove items from inventory.

SC PRO is FREE for users with 1 warehouse.

Available upgrade plans

Simple pricing. no hidden charges. Choose a plan that fit your needs

€150 / year
or €15 / month

  • Up to 5 Warehouses
  • Team Collaboration
  • Module: Invoice payments
  • Priority Support (A.R.T. 24h*)
  • Up to 5 users

€250 / year
or €25 / month

  • All 'STARTUP' functions plus
  • Up to 25 Warehouses
  • Up to 15 users

€350 / year
or €35 / month

  • All 'ENTERPRISE' functions plus
  • Unlimited Warehouses
  • Unlimited users

* A.R.T. - Average Response Time

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